split personalities

i've returned home. sort of. i've gone back to wordpress. back to transplantingme.com. part of it is i like wordpress better, and part of it is there's lots of history at transplantingme.

but... i'm not totally leaving here. just refocusing. i've still got plenty of crazy to leak.

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potluck - the fourth of july kind

it's monday and time once again to join in on holly's potluck.

yesterday we went to the local vfw 4th of july celebration. our cost of admission - 1000฿ or $30 for 3 of us - included all you can eat bbq - real beef hot dogs (thai hotdogs are nasty and made out of questionable meat product), ribs, burgers, potato salad, onion rings, etc... now in order to get our "free" bbq we - and by we i mean me - had to stand in a really, really long line.

they came up with a way to fix the waiting in an unbearably long line problem. and it involved making four separate lines. and those of us who'd made it to the very, very front and had plate in hand and even had managed to get a hotdog on that plate were sent shuffling. and ended up at the tail end of one of those four separate lines. where we got to wait 2 more hours for 1 rib. 1 single rib. the end. except, when i went to get in the new and improved rib line #3 ate the hot dog.

chronic fatigue syndrome. when i entered the symptoms sore feet and sweating dr. google diagnosed me with chronic fatigue syndrome. and, after today, this one seems close. but i think leaving off the chronic and the syndrome part would be a more accurate diagnosis.

i'm taking some liberties here... instead of what's in my fruit bowl, i'm gonna tell you about some of the fruity things we saw at our thai-influenced 4th of july celebration.

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and we're back

our internet has been down for what seems like an eternity. and it took twice that long to get someone out to the house to fix it. they're diagnosis - we pay for 8mb speed and only 2mb speed is available in our neighborhood. so we jammed up the line. it took several months for the line to jam up, but finally it happened. and for days i called the adsl hotline. and chose to push 2 for english. because my techno thai isn't all that. and then i was put on hold. for just a second until i was disconnected. we did make a few trips out of the house for necessities and the like. and on one of those trips we made our way to the tot office. where they promised our internet would be up in 1 hour and in our 2 1/2 years here we've come to understand that 1 hour means they're not gonna do anything. which is exactly what happened.

and then i made a break through. i chose to push 1 for thai. and i listened closely. and managed to get through the thai language gauntlet and talk to a real live person. who spoke no english. but i persevered and got the promise of a technician coming to the house. and when that didn't happen the kids and i visited a different tot office. and i talked to the right person this time. because she told me the adsl hotline secret - for when we have another problem. and she also got me in touch with a technician. who appeared at our house this morning. and fixed our internet. after clearing out the clogged up lines. i guess 6mb of extra speed over several months makes quite the mess.

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synchronized swimming or something like it. maybe.

last week we went for a family swim. all five us. which is practically unheard of.

one of us is a total stick in the mud totally unimpressed.

it's a good time of year to be swimming. because the thai schools are in session - which means we had the pool to ourselves. and when we've got the pool to ourselves we discover our children have a hidden talent. at least the two that aren't a total stick in the mud totally unimpressed.

opening with a wai - how very thai of them.

peace to all.


go there.

we said stop.

preparing for the grand finale.

the end. you may now applaud.

they spent minutes working hard on this. and had to stop and restart about a gajillion times to get it perfect. in the end it was totally worthy of two thumbs up.

turns out #1 does have a special talent after all.

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naked no more

saturday morning i got my braces off. and my mouth felt weird. odd. naked. good.

i left the orthodontist office with freshly clean teeth and set out in search of sticky candy, popcorn and peanuts. the things i wasn't supposed to eat, but now could. (okay, so i totally ate popcorn and peanuts with the braces on, but always felt a little naughty doing it. now i could do it with a clear conscience.)

sunday i had a lovely anniversary dinner with the man. made all the more romantic because i wasn't having to dig food out of my braces and make sucking sounds and all that stuff that's really attractive. and then we saw a movie. killers - i enjoyed it, the man didn't so much. but i had more popcorn. cuz i could.

monday i had a great lunch with some great girlfriends (see, i am making progress) and headed home to pick up #2 so i could get to my follow up appointment and #2 could get her braces adjusted. my follow up appointment included getting my retainers. and being the thorough person that i am, i had no idea of what instructions might come with my retainers. like the one that goes wear them 24/7 for 6 months. and after 6 months wear them every night and every other day. and after that. wear them every night for the rest of my life. and i'm fairly certain that the ones made for me are made out of like 7 guage wire. because they are big. i remember making retainers out of paper clips when i was in elementary school - because i thought they were so cool and i had to have me some. turns out, i was wrong.

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potluck - making up for lost time

i know, i'd just gotten on board the potluck bandwagon when i got derailed. (do bandwagon's get derailed?) but i'm back. bigger and better and more (or less) random than ever. and with fewer buttons. because i'm just that lazy.

so, what's in my fruit bowl? nothing. but it is a brand new fruit bowl that the man brought back from the philippines. i'm still trying to decide just how i feel about it.

the man and i just celebrated our 18th anniversary. and look what he got me. it's sort of awesome. and i am hang it outside our bathroom.

this was given to the man. it was a thank you gift for the time he spent teaching in the philippines. i haven't yet figured out where we're gonna build the shrine to the man. so this hasn't found it's permanent home.

does she feel as bad as she looks? probably worse. in the past week she's been diagnosed with a displaced patella. she's been spayed. she's been groomed. she's been run over by a motorcy. both wheels. whomp. whomp. right over her torso. we're still not 100% sure of how she's doin'. we think okay. but we're observing her at home for a few more days. and if things don't turn around they'll be observing her at the animal hospital.

since i live in a cross cultural setting i've determined that the word i choose each week (or each week that i choose a word) will be a word not normal to the american venacular. this week it will be....


adjective: upset, disappointed. British slang.

and remember, this is a blog hop. anyone can join.

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up and down and up and down

the week before school got out i found a righteous deal on the one thing every adult wishes they'd had as a kid. (i could be projecting what i wanted on to every other adult in the world, but i don't think so.) i bought a used new-to-us trampoline! which involved the man making a trip to the american consulate (cuz i bought it from a consulate family) to disassemble it. just so happens the grounds of the consulate are a no picture zone, and since they took the camera (and his cell phone) away from the man when he entered the compound we're such great American citizens we've got no before the man put a finger on it pictures.

but we do have pictures of the putting back together of the trampoline.

the beginning of a man trap - ha, ha. i crack myself up.

up until now it was easy going. but the actual trampoline part. hard work.

i'm not exactly sure why i was on the trampoline, but this is a picture of the man and #1
encouraging me to dismount the trampoline by doing a forward flip. it didn't work so well.

this is as forward as my flip got.

the safety net. which, on his very first jump, #1 managed to slightly destroy.

the kids and a few friends wasted no time at all breaking it in.

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