split personalities

i've returned home. sort of. i've gone back to wordpress. back to transplantingme.com. part of it is i like wordpress better, and part of it is there's lots of history at transplantingme.

but... i'm not totally leaving here. just refocusing. i've still got plenty of crazy to leak.

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potluck - the fourth of july kind

it's monday and time once again to join in on holly's potluck.

yesterday we went to the local vfw 4th of july celebration. our cost of admission - 1000฿ or $30 for 3 of us - included all you can eat bbq - real beef hot dogs (thai hotdogs are nasty and made out of questionable meat product), ribs, burgers, potato salad, onion rings, etc... now in order to get our "free" bbq we - and by we i mean me - had to stand in a really, really long line.

they came up with a way to fix the waiting in an unbearably long line problem. and it involved making four separate lines. and those of us who'd made it to the very, very front and had plate in hand and even had managed to get a hotdog on that plate were sent shuffling. and ended up at the tail end of one of those four separate lines. where we got to wait 2 more hours for 1 rib. 1 single rib. the end. except, when i went to get in the new and improved rib line #3 ate the hot dog.

chronic fatigue syndrome. when i entered the symptoms sore feet and sweating dr. google diagnosed me with chronic fatigue syndrome. and, after today, this one seems close. but i think leaving off the chronic and the syndrome part would be a more accurate diagnosis.

i'm taking some liberties here... instead of what's in my fruit bowl, i'm gonna tell you about some of the fruity things we saw at our thai-influenced 4th of july celebration.

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