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in 9 months my family is being transplanted to asia. we don't have an exact location. i have no idea how to even begin to plan for something like this. so i googled how to transplant a tree - you know, just to see if any of the steps might be similar. and of course, it's nothing the same - we won't need sphagnum moss for this move. (i'm sure someone more imaginative than me could come up with how all the steps at ehow are very similar to the process of moving 1/2 way around the world) but there did seem to be two things that apply - the introduction and the warning. the introduction says

moving an established tree or shrub is not something to be done on a whim. it takes about a year's worth of preparation...

this makes me feel good. not on a whim and about a year... seems we're getting a good start. then there is the one and only warning... and it does not make me feel good. it is my greatest concern - i'm sure more will come once i really understand this move thing. anyway, the one warning is this -

for the sake of it's health and your own, don't even try to move a large tree or very large shrub; that's a job best left to a pro. as for how big is too big, if there is any question in your mind at all, it's too big.

people in asia are small - that may be a generalization - and I am not. not asian small. from my internet searches it seems that if i need to buy clothes once i'm there it will be moo-moos for me.

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