some mondays might mean potluck

i have nothing worthy of an entire post to write about, but i've still got words i am desperate want to use. so i'm stealing holly's potluck monday idea. and i might steal it every monday. that's for me to know and you to find out. (ok, really i've got no idea.) what's a posting potluck? well, you know how when you go to a potluck dinner and everyone brings a dish that is for the most part absolutely unrelated to any other dish there, but it still tastes good? it's sort of like that. but with random thoughts instead of food. and i'm the only one who contributes.

i sure am. today the temp hit 41, which to my farenheit temperature telling brain sounds lovely. but they use celsius here and that that translates to 107 farenheit. and we have to sleep without aircon. which means i don't sleep. i just sweat. and that is not at all refreshing.

this week dr. google thinks i might be menopausal or possible going through nicotine withdrawal. i'm betting he's wrong on both accounts.

mangosteen, apples, rambuton, onions and a tide to go pen. the tide to go pen is the most valuable.

carnitas, spaghetti or boiled eggs. i also didn't burn a souffle. of course, i didn't make a souffle.

and that's all the random i have to offer.

oh, and this is a bloghop. i'm not exactly sure what that means or how it works, but i'm doing it. and you can, too.

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Mom24 said...

Maybe Dr. Google should have just guessed that you're living someplace that's almost as hot as H***. I can't imagine trying to sleep in that. Good luck.

texasholly said...

Oh my goodness...THAT is hot!

I loved your potluck buttons. I am also a little jealous that you have something as useful as a Tide pen in your fruit bowl!

Thanks so much for playing along!

MoziEsmé said...

I'm totally stealing your Dr Google says button... ;)

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

No a/c? Oh man that sucks!

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