state of emergency

yes, a state of emergency has been declared for 15 more provinces in thailand. including chiang mai. and, after a bit of internet searching, i have a definition from thailand's emergency decree that tells just what that means.

upon declaring the enforcement of a emergency decree, the prime minister has the power to issue the regulations including:

to prohibit any person from departing from a dwelling place;

to prohibit the assembly or gathering of persons at any place or the commission of any act which may cause unrest;

to prohibit the press release, distribution or dissemination of letters, publications or any means of communication containing texts which may instigate fear amongst the people or is intended to distort information;

to prohibit the use of routes or vehicles or prescribe conditions on the use of routes or vehicle;

to prohibit the use of buildings or enter into or stay in any place;

to evacuate people out of a designated area for the safety of such people or to prohibit any person from entering a designated area.
so what does that look like? this morning things are very much the same. kids off to school, breakfast with michael, and now out shopping for a birthday present for a friend of #3.

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Mom24 said...

Praying things settle down for Thailand soon.

Thinking of you.

Sherilyn said...

why do you make me laugh, when i know i need to pray for your safety and wisdom for the people/government of thailand.

love you!

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