what to wear? what to wear?

every morning i look in the closet and can not figure out what to wear. it all looks hot. but, i've heard over and over that a good rule of thumb is to do what the locals do. so today i decided to notice what they wear. i snapped a few pictures, you know to help me remember what i'm looking for while building my wardrobe. i did notice a trend, but i'm not so sure i'm gonna be able to pull off such a fashion forward look when it's 42 degrees (107). and it's been hovering right around that temp for the better part of forever.

this seems a tad somber. i tend to like brighter colors.

orange? i love orange.

the flannel is sort of cute. sort of.

he's got corduroy going on. don't know if i can pull it off.

even with the shorts and flip flops there's something that seems a tad heavy about these outfits.

better choices of color.

this couple gets my vote for best dressed!

looks like it's back to the drawing board. cuz from what i've seen today. the locals are nutz.

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Mom24 said...

I can't even imagine.

The last couple does look mighty smart though.

Nicola said...

Monica, I love reading your blog. You are hysterical.

Garry and I were saying last night that we think our kids might be acclimatising - we went out to see Godspell, and all of them took a jumper (sweater? is that what Americans' call them?) because they were cold. This was at 6pm and still well over 30 degrees.

Just checked the 4 day forecast - Tuesday is forecast to be 45!!!!

Anonymous said...

I never understood the "wear long sleeves to keep cool" thing. Never worked for me.

natalie said...

Hahahaha!! LOVE it!

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