alive and kicking

i am alive and i am well. i'm not taking a personal summer break. the comments and emails asking about me made me feel good. and missed. and that's a really nice feeling. so thank you everyone who inquired. thanks bunches and bunches.

so, what has been up with me? not much. no good excuse for the absence other than i feel sort of like she looks -

she's looking miserable because she was spayed today. i don't have any such excuse.

what's caused me to take this little dip into the summer doldrums? well, i haven't put this into words, because i'm really, really, really trying to be okay with it. but the man and #1 are headed to the states this summer - for a month. the rest of us are staying here. in thailand. the place where we can't buy bras or shoes - both of which i'm in desperate need. (thank God for the internet and the man's willingness to haul my intimate wear back with him.) i've planned a beach vacay for the rest of us - where i'm sure we'll have a great time, but this little get away doesn't happen until the very last week that the men are in the states. so it's still a long haul between now and then. thankfully, the man is in town until they leave. he'll be doing some work for the thai office, but he'll be home every night and weekend (all 2 of them - which is better than none.)

and it seems the rainy season is trying really hard to become official. we've had several days of rain and some lovely cool nights. (75 degrees - that's frigid!) i've actually been sleeping with a blanket. it's very possible that a few nights of not going to bed in wet pajamas will make me a much happier camper.

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Mom24 said...

I hope the beach vacation is awesome and that the man comes back with lots of pretty, pretty bras and things. (((Hugs)))

Snap said...

Great to hear all is well and to see you up and blogging again!

Snap said...
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pilgrimssojourn said...

Glad you're back! Sorry you're in the doldrums though... As for underwear, dang I hear ya. If I end up back there I'm bringing a year's worth...

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