synchronized swimming or something like it. maybe.

last week we went for a family swim. all five us. which is practically unheard of.

one of us is a total stick in the mud totally unimpressed.

it's a good time of year to be swimming. because the thai schools are in session - which means we had the pool to ourselves. and when we've got the pool to ourselves we discover our children have a hidden talent. at least the two that aren't a total stick in the mud totally unimpressed.

opening with a wai - how very thai of them.

peace to all.


go there.

we said stop.

preparing for the grand finale.

the end. you may now applaud.

they spent minutes working hard on this. and had to stop and restart about a gajillion times to get it perfect. in the end it was totally worthy of two thumbs up.

turns out #1 does have a special talent after all.

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Mom24 said...

Very talented children. They can support you in your old age. ;)

Glad you got to have some family fun.

Anonymous said...

Are you guys still working on your routine? ;) I need my life in Thailand fix!

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