up and down and up and down

the week before school got out i found a righteous deal on the one thing every adult wishes they'd had as a kid. (i could be projecting what i wanted on to every other adult in the world, but i don't think so.) i bought a used new-to-us trampoline! which involved the man making a trip to the american consulate (cuz i bought it from a consulate family) to disassemble it. just so happens the grounds of the consulate are a no picture zone, and since they took the camera (and his cell phone) away from the man when he entered the compound we're such great American citizens we've got no before the man put a finger on it pictures.

but we do have pictures of the putting back together of the trampoline.

the beginning of a man trap - ha, ha. i crack myself up.

up until now it was easy going. but the actual trampoline part. hard work.

i'm not exactly sure why i was on the trampoline, but this is a picture of the man and #1
encouraging me to dismount the trampoline by doing a forward flip. it didn't work so well.

this is as forward as my flip got.

the safety net. which, on his very first jump, #1 managed to slightly destroy.

the kids and a few friends wasted no time at all breaking it in.

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Mom24 said...

VERY cool! Ours is still sitting in boxes. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

I hope you have no broken wrists yet! :)

Sarah Bean said...

oh theres nothing like a trampoline. No childhood is complete without one a&e visit from tramp related incident.

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