guess what we found?

an internet cafe... so right now, all four of us are lined up in a row like a momma duck and her baby ducklings enjoying a little bit of www heaven! who knew? of course, every other person in here is a teenage gamer - and not caucasion. we're so not cool. but we're happy and not cool.

and now i have a moment to really write. and another bonus, a lovely woman at the hotel is letting us borrow her adapter/converter. so as we sit here interneting we have a laptop and a nintendo ds charging - talk about a good day.

i received many emails to let us know about the cowboys' loss... #1 took it very hard. his reaction was probably a little cowboys' loss and a lot loss in general. it seems perhaps it's a dallas curse, first the mavericks and now the cowboys looked so promising. well, at least make it a little further than this promising.

and i have to again say thank you to all for helping with our house. you know how when something is done for you that you can never ever pay back - well that is what's happening right now for us. it's very humbling and also makes us feel very loved. so thank you guys.

okay, so now for the juicy stuff. calm down, it's not really all that juicy... i feel like we're in a bit of a holding pattern. not in our house, but in a hotel. not on a vacation, but not really living here, either. i know, i know we are living and we are here - you know what i mean. #2 is all out of sorts, #1 is okay, but not great and #3 is having the time of his life because every morning there is a breakfast buffet. no routine to speak of, other than passed out cold by 8pm. #1 is starting to enjoy thai tv. we watched a show about police officers - i'm pretty sure it was a comedy. and we've also seen a drama(?) about airline crews. no idea what happened, but a good way to pass some time. bh gets in tomorrow. after he arrives we take the kids to the school for testing and while they are testing bh and i go sign on the house. talk about alot of waiting and then a big hurry up and rush.

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