so, what have we been up to?

other than learning to drive...

so thursday night we get a text message from the lovely folks at the office here in chiang mai - we had spoken with them earlier in the day about arrangements we needed to make for friday and they had a solution. they arranged for us to rent a car so i could drive #1 to school to meet with the high school advisor and arrange his schedule. meanwhile, they would send a truck to the hotel to pick up the man, a#2, #3 and all our luggage. sounds great? well, after i familiarized myself with a manual, drove around the round about the wrong way, stalled out a few times, i was ready to go - the only thing left was convincing #1 to get in the car with me. once we were off it took us 90 minutes to get to the school; it should have been a 20 minute trip - but we saw some things i hope to be able to find again. then we had to get from the school to our house. luckily, the office manager at CMIS knows just where our moo baan (neighborhood) is. and when we got to the house most of the unpacking had been done!! yeah, the man, #2 & #3! next to do was find something to eat. so we journeyed out - found a super store with a kfc. and look what they had -


and, of course, we had to do some shopping. but it's hard to figure out where to start when you have nothing! so, we started with some basic necessities. dishes, a pot and a pan, silverware. a clothes washer!! saturday and sunday were spent setting up house, finding where to get other furniture. stuff that works for us, but doesn't cost a fortune.

other highlights of the last few days... when you don't inform your credit card company that you've left the country they shut you down. when you make purchases you should remember that you no longer drive a minivan, but are currently renting a small passenger car. if here's what happens if you don't remember... (and don't worry, the kids really could breath and they are all still alive) -


this morning i was highjacked by motorcycle riders and couldn't get into the lane i needed to be in so took the long unknown way to the kids' school. and now i sit in a coffee shop - which is a little weird because it wasn't too long ago that i read about this very coffee shop here - writing this blog, wondering what normal will be like here.

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