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so, bh snores. he snores and he stops breathing while he's sleeping. his doctor recommended him for a sleep study and our insurance, who does everything top notch, sent us a kit. which means, i'm running a sleep lab. bh says i'm not. even though i have been thoroughly trained - i watched a 5 minute video that taught me everything i need to know. and i have proof that i'm running a sleep lab, see...


see the little sleep study computer. it's on our handy, dandy night stand. (since we've sold all of our bedroom furniture, we're sleeping on a mattress on the floor and he must use a small appliance box for his night stand. there was nothing in my training that said this was frowned upon.) he also has the breathing monitor attached right up there under his nose. he has a chest monitor on, too, but it's under the covers. and a finger monitor. all of this is attached to his little wrist unit that is attached to the little sleep study computer. it's all legit. i've got to run this lab for 3 nights. then i pack up all the above listed equipment and send it to my esteemed colleagues who plug the little sleep study computer into a bigger computer to get the results. these guys aren't qualified to run a sleep study lab, only the highly qualified - like me - get to actually work with the patients.

my office is working under a bit of a time crunch. turns out january 10, the patient and his family could be leaving for their new home in a new country on a new continent. yes, i said we could be moving one week from today. if you remember the pictures i posted about our last moving sale - if not, they're here - the condition of our house isn't all that different at this moment. i think that means it's time to get busy.

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