stinky doesn't even begin to describe them

we slept 13 hours last night and are all still a little draggy today. i took the kids to see the house, they all liked it. #3 wanted his own balcony, like a#2 and the man & me, but other than that all is good. they were thrilled with the amenities - swimming pool, tennis courts, badmitton, etc...

the lost luggage is still lost... and we're still waiting. but it's all part of it, right? think pigpen from charlie brown - only without the little squigle stink marks and with a real stink instead. but it is just the boys - #2 and i are great.

i think we're all feeling somewhat overwhelmed. #2 had a small break down at breakfast - i think some of the novelty is wearing off for the kids. or maybe they didn't ever feel it was at all novel. but nothing like a few tears in a hotel restaurant.

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