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We finally board our flight. 2 hours late. we're on the ground at lax at 8:45 pm. our flight to bangkok on thai airways takes off at 9:30 pm. so we have 45 minutes to taxi in, get off the plane. get to the international terminal and check in. this doesn't happen. and no one really wants to help us. our tickets were purchased through united. (i've flown united twice now and they are batting zero.) after we discover the people at thai airways aren't all that keen on helping us, we head back to united. i won't go into the details, but i did take a picture.

and before you say, "eww, that's so gross, what kind of parents could let s8 sleep on the floor of the lax airport?" you should know i agree it is pretty nasty.

we're set for standby tomorrow night at 9:30p on thai. and as much as i might not be a great big fan of united, they did come through and put us up in a hotel - for two nights. and we're gonna try to sleep and not worry at all about where our luggage might be. the luggage that contains all our clothes and when i say all, i mean all.our.clothes.

so ruth, i'm in your town. not enjoying it and so wanting to be somewhere else. but i'm sure that in any other situation i'd be lovin' it.

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