chiang mai - day three

we saw a few more houses today, one that was very cool, but really not quite big enough. but it had an amazing yard and a guard house and a banana tree. pretty neat.

we visited what will be the kids’ school. i liked it very much. and it looks like all three kids will get in – can i get an “amen”.

visiting the school today has been somewhat of a confirmation for me. it’s no longer one of the many unknowns. i guess being there, touring, talking with the director and the admissions person have made it tangible. i keep trying to remind myself that this is maybe the equivalent of a honeymoon period. tell myself that i’m seeing this all basically as a tourist right now. and it will be different once we’re living here. but it feels good to be here. and never in my wildest dreams would i ever have thought i would do something like this – much less be able give this opportunity to my kids. God is good.

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