the carnage - a reenactment

this is almost exactly - i mean it is so very, very close - to what actually happened, it's not even funny!

first, he appeared out of no where and looked all menacing.

then he rounded up his prey and made threats - and i'm not talking veiled threats here. they were saying anything to try to stop the inevitable.

and then he picked them off, in pairs. he said he's always been a fan of the buddy system.

he started with the skunk and the panda - oh, it was gruesome!

next, he took out the chinchilla and the lamb, the poor defenseless creatures.

and, for his last course, he had the pony and the baby seal. yes, he did.

and - if it wasn't enough that we had to witness this - look what he left behind. and who do you think had to clean that mess up?

and then, later that night, he was eyeing us. giving our toes a once over. thinking they might make a good midnight snack.

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