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leaving behind the old blog - and it's 2 1/2 years worth of posts - also means i've left behind alot of history. i've been trying to figure out what to do about that. i don't really want to link between the two blogs - that's part of my super duper evasive spy techniques - and i don't really feel up to moving the old posts over -that's not being evasive; it's being lazy. so i'm gonna give a brief history here. and if you wanna know more you can email me at leakingcrazy(at)gmail(dot)com or leave your email in the comment section and i will send you a link to my previous blog.

it all began in april 2002. we were living in texas and took a vacation for most of us -working holiday for the man - trip to colorado. we spent a few days in denver and then headed to colorado springs to spend a few days with my old college roommate. as we drove into the springs we felt, very clearly, that God had a home for us here. (for me this was a huge deal, my kids are the 5th generation born in the d/fw area). so, at the end of the week, we headed back to texas to see how we were to make this happen. at every step doors opened. we sold a house, we bought a house and by july we were in colorado.

october 2002

jump ahead 2 years. the man had a desire to be self employed. to provide leadership training to churches. we pray. we seek advice. and he quit his job. a company he had worked for for 16 years. and we were blessed. for almost 3 years things were good for us. his work didn't involve churches, but he was kept busy doing consulting work for corporations and he got to travel the world. but, as they say, all good things...

2007. the man's work had dried up. the economy had changed and it started to begin to look a bit desperate for us. while the previous 3 years had been good for us, they hadn't been the kind of good that allowed for us to have no income. the man felt very confident that God had a job for him in ministry. he didn't know what that would be, but we began searching. in the mean time, i got a job. i had not worked - outside of the home - for 10 years. and pretty close to the day i got my job, i found a listing for a job for him. a job in training with compassion international. he applied. and we both wondered what it might mean that this job didn't list where it was located. they called him for an interview. and mentioned that this job was in asia. would that work for him. we talked. none of the reasons to not do it could top the reason to - we were certain this opportunity had been provided by God for us. and he got the job. and it was in southeast asia. nowhere specific. that was up to us. so, we turned to google. and again we prayed. within the first week i began looking at chiang mai. we felt good about chiang mai. we knew the man's travel schedule would be heavy and we wanted some place that i would feel safe being alone with the kids. we also wanted some place that we could live in the community, not on a compound. july was our move date.

november 2007. the decision was made that july was too far off. that the work the man needed to do would be done easier and better if we were in asia already. so the date was moved up. to january.

january 10, 2008. we left colorado.

arriving in bangkok 13-01-2008

january 13, 2008. we landed in chiang mai.

it hasn't all been a bed of roses. leaving was hard. getting settled was hard. and living here is still sometimes hard. we feel very blessed to be here. our faith has grown. we've seen our children struggle and grow in amazing ways. we don't know how long we'll be here. or where we will end up next. we're learning to live in the here and now. to appreciate where we are and not worry too much about what's coming next.

in the next few weeks - or months - i might decide to move over some of the old posts - slowly. there's alot there. plenty of it junk, but plenty of good memories, too. i hope they don't jam up people's feed readers. if they do, sorry in advance!

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Mom24 said...

I've followed your old blog for a long, long time, and I never knew a lot of that. Thanks for sharing it.

I pray that you'll always know God is leading you where you go, literally and figuratively.

Sherilyn said...

makes me cry and laugh to think of your journey... i'm telling you.... waiting to have this story in coverback

Megan said...

I have been following for awhile and enjoy hearing what lead you to Thailand. We have been feeling a strong "pull" by God to Asia so I enjoyed reading this! Love the look of the new blog.

leaking crazy said...

thanks guys. it's good to take the time out to review. it's easy to lose sight of the big picture when you're bogged down in the every day stuff!

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