in my yard

this stuff just grows in my yard. without any help from me. score one for the tropics. we've made a deal with our house help - if they pick it, they can have half. unless it's the jack fruit. then they can have it all.

ขนุน (jack fruit)
i've tried jack fruit. it's okay. i would eat it again if offered, but wouldn't go out of my way to get it on my own.

ชมพู่ (rose apple)
in the not too distant future this will become rose apples. dipping them in sugar/chili powder is my favorite way to eat them.

น้อยหน่า (custard apple)
i've not tried these, but i will. as soon as they are ripe.

ลั่นทมขาว (frangipani)
we've had this plant in a pot and moved it from house to house with us. we planted it here - in the ground, since i'm planning on not moving again. i'm not certain how it's managed to stay alive - i've mostly neglected it.

พู่ ระหง (hibiscus)
these grow like crazy here. my bush/tree is probably 8 foot tall.

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Mom24 said...

Those are truly breathtakingly beautiful. Puts my dandelions to shame. :)

leaking crazy said...

@mom24 - thanks. if i had to do any work at all to make them bloom it wouldn't happen!

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